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Medical Equpments
The Foot Health Shop
The Healthcare Shop
The Home Fitness Shop
The Homecare & Rehabilitation Shop
The Hospital Furniture & Medical Equipment Shop
The Ortho-Care Shop
The Wellness Shop
About Healthcare N Wellness

Royal Chemists has built a Global Reputation in the medical industry unmatched by any other over the years.

With India’s global advancement of being amongst the first ten pharmaceutically developed countries it has gained a pillar in pursuit of internationally acclaimed hospital equipments and medical gadgets. We at Royal Chemists with a panel of healthcare professionals and bio- medical and P & O engineers have come out with a range of 16 independent HEALTHCARE ‘N’ WELLNESS shops.

Each shop offers a vast variety of unique products which cater to all your need and requirements.

The 16 different shops are : 

  • The Healthcare Shop
  • The stress And Relaxation Shop
  • The Sleep and Snore Shop
  • The Ortho-Care Shop
  • The Foot Health Shop
  • The venous Care Shop
  • The Wound Care Shop
  • The Posture And Ergonomics Shop

  • The Physio & Rehab Shop
  • The Health-Scan Shop
  • The Hospital & Medical Furniture Shop
  • The Medi-Rental Shop
  • The Life Prot Shop
  • The Home Fitness Shop
  • The Wellness Shop
  • The Pillow Shop

These are full fledged shops which cover a total spectrum of products. Our primary objective is to enhance the quality and longevity of life through improved healthcare products and services. Along with this we also carry on educational programmes to pass on the right information beneficial to our customer’s health and the learner’s knowledge.

Company Mission:

Keep pace with the rapidly changing technology and bring in the healthcare range of  products that would cater to the needs of the patients and  the care giver.

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